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Scott Ko

I'm a strategist, business advisor, and former C-suite executive, and my passion in life is just to make the world a little bit more curious.

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I'm the Founder of ColourSpace Gallery, Curiosity Journals, and I was the former COO / ACEO of Leadership Victoria.

This is my personal site that hosts all of my writing and ideas on the curiosity mindset, self-awareness, leadership, systems thinking, entrepreneurship, social impact, business design, philosophy, and more.

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Recent talks and features

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I speak on a range of subjects:

  • The need to adopting a curiosity mindset for leadership
  • Implementing practical innovation and creativity in business
  • Crafting value propositions for social enterprises
  • The rise of social procurement and social enterprise

My services

Capacity allowing, I can offer to help in the following ways. Feel free to get in touch.


I have over 15 years of experience consulting in both the public and private sectors, specialising in strategy and implementation.


Need an independent facilitator to elicit deeper themes in complex discussions? Let me help you draw together the threads.


Whether as part of a Board or in a mentoring capacity, I can help you shape the direction of your organisation.


Firstly, I'm not a certified coach. However if you're seeking someone to talk to on the topics of career development, business strategy, or leadership, I'm here to listen and guide.


Ebru Sak
Ebru Sak
As a seasoned entrepreneur, I've had the opportunity to work with numerous business advisors over the years, but none have left quite the impression that Scott has. From our very first consultation, Scott demonstrated a deep understanding of my business needs and goals. His ability to quickly grasp complex concepts and provide actionable insights is truly commendable. Scott's strategic guidance has been instrumental in helping me navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities.
Moreover, Scott's excellent communication skills make him a pleasure to work with. He listens attentively, asks the right questions, and provides clear and concise advice that is tailored to my specific situation. It's evident that Scott genuinely cares about his clients' success and is willing to invest the time and effort to help them achieve their goals.
I cannot recommend Scott highly enough to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and dedicated business advisor or a coach.  His expertise, professionalism, and genuine passion for what he does make him an invaluable asset to any business. Working with Scott has been a transformative experience, and I look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.
Elder Rights Advocacy
Jan Porter
Chair of the Board
Scott is a skilled facilitator. We asked for a free-flowing format, that invited open and frank discussions with minimal input from the facilitator. Scott guided the program and took us through the agenda but did not interfere or inhibit the conversation. He kept us on course and summarised the outcomes with full insight into what we were trying to achieve. He was not the ‘main game’ as happens with many facilitators but only involved himself to clarify the discussion, record the main points and determine actions and responsibilities. The ideas were all ours and made sure we got through the agenda, ensuring everyone participated. It was a very productive and rewarding couple of days and we all left feeling inspired and confident.
Scott is personable and inspirational, with a sound grasp of how to draw together ideas into an achievable set of goals, whilst working with a disparate group. We will engage him again when we build on this session to prepare our Strategic Plan. He was a great find!
Elise Hendriksen
Founder of ShoutPR
"Scott is an excellent business coach and a high energy person to work with. As a busy creative I've struggled with systems in my business. Scott has simplified the process of introducing systems into my business in ways that really work for me and have helped me to grow and see a clearer path to future growth. He's a pleasure to work with and keeps me accountable! 100% recommend!"
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